Phunky Monkeys
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Phunky Monkeys

Phunky Monkeys

Phunky Monkeys

Live webcast of the Phunky Monkeys at the World famous Mardi Gras World! Great show, and really awesome event production.

The Phunky Monkeys are comprised of some of the most talented and professional musicians that New Orleans has to offer. Members of the group have performed with musical legends such as Patti Labelle, Flo-rida, Mariah Carey and Journey.  Whether it’s performing for the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Party, on set for the movie “Contraband,” or at any given wedding reception, The Phunky Monkeys will provide the same setting that allows guests to have a great time to great music.  Currently you can also catch them on world famous Bourbon St. at Club Razzoo 5 Nights a week playing anything and everything you can imagine!

 The Phunky Monkeys are passionate about the live music experience and is committed to providing the highest quality of live entertainment. The Phunky Monkeys will work with you prior to the event to customize your song list, learn special songs and finalize the timing of important party elements. 

 The Phunky Monkeys pride themselves on versatility and an extensive song list that covers all genres of music. The Phunky Monkeys will not only perform the music brilliantly, but also utilize a National Act quality light show and top of the line sound equipment. This, combined with their attention to detail and absolute professionalism, will create a quality, exciting and memorable show for all.

 Getting The Word Out…
 June 14, 2016 .  Magic Mike

In today’s era of social media and personal branding it’s important to clearly and intentionally brand and promote yourself. As the saying goes: If you won’t do it no one else will. So it’s time that we do just that.

We are The Phunky Monkeys. But what does that mean? I’ll tell you. It means that we are a hardworking, music-loving, party-starting, top of the line cover band that consistently plays a big part in the success of many events. We can hgandle any event. Wedding. Birthday Party. Brunch. Corporate Party. Whatever. We have the talent and the experience to be the catalyst for fun times and memorable moments. We have music for every occasion and the depth of understanding to know what songs to play at just the right time to strike the right chord (pun intended) in the audience.

We have over 700 songs in our repertoire to create, sustain or change to the exact mood in the right moment for all of our events. At weddings we perform many memorable first dances. At Corporate parties we play the right mix of songs to entertain the entire company. At tailgate parties we play all the party and team anthems to get the crowd going and keep them partying.

Why are we so confident in our ability to deliver a superior experience? We have almost 20 years of playing experience both internationally and domestically. We’ve literally seen it all. From huge concerts in the New Orleans Superdome to tiny hole in the walls, and everything in between, we’ve encountered a myriad of musical experiences allowing us to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.

Not only do we have the background to handle any situation but we also have the tools. This band is equipped to play ANY type of music and do so WELL. MOTOWN. COUNTRY. HIP HOP. RAP. (Yes there’s a difference) R&B. ROCK. REGGAE. POP. JAZZ. BALLADS. We do it all.

In a city known for it’s huge and diverse music culture, we are blessed and fortunate to have assembled some of the best singers and musicians the city has to offer. So if you’re reading this please, get the word out. The Phunky Monkeys wants to spread it’s magic to you through music.