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We created this series of videos to promote the company and delineate the advantages they offer businesses.

Search Influence: We created this series of videos to promote the company and delineate the advantages they offer businesses. The challenge was to create a large variety of work within a very limited time frame.

Growth is good. But the right kind of growth is the difference between good and great.

Call it what you will, your growth engine, your flywheel, your hedgehog, they all mean the same thing: the area of your business where you can be an industry leader, and perhaps even among the best in the world.

That’s the opportunity as a business, and together we will work to optimize your potential!

We don’t accept mediocre. Our clients rely on us to build their businesses and we know we can’t do that without your commitment to excellence and growth.

From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom, we have grown to be a nationally recognized expert in digital marketing. Our clients get results that significantly change their business.


Will Scott – Search Influence CEO & Co-Founder

Will Scott is a recognized leader in digital marketing, credited for coining the phrase “barnacle SEO” in 2008. He is a contributor to the most read online journals and is a frequent presenter at both marketing and professional industry association conferences as well as being on the full-time faculty of Local U. Will’s speaking engagements have included the Certified Contractors Network, Louisiana Dental Association, National Association of Senior Move Managers as well as Pubcon and SMX.

With a degree in Architecture from Tulane University will is a professionally trained problem solver with an eye for the big picture. Naturally curious, Will has not met a business or a person about whom he’s not interested in learning more.

Since putting his first website online in 1994, Will has led teams responsible for building thousands of small business websites, building hundreds of thousands of pages in online directories and delivering millions of visits from search. At Search Influence, Will leads the team of dedicated professionals who optimize your potential!


Angie Scott – Search Influence COO & Co-Founder

As co-founder and COO of Search Influence, Angie Scott optimizes the operations, finance, account management, and administrative teams. Angie received a degree in Accounting at Loyola University, New Orleans, before starting her career with multiple tech startups in New Orleans.

In 2014, she completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program designed to help growing businesses accelerate their growth. In 2015, Angie was honored as a City Business Woman of the Year. As a woman leader, she is proud that over 70% of the Search Influence staff are women, including a majority of the leadership roles within the company. In her free time, she enjoys spending time Uptown New Orleans, with her two boys (three if you count Will, her husband and co-founder).