Filmmaking Mistakes To Avoid
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Filmmaking Mistakes To Avoid

We all make filmmaking mistakes. Yes it’s true. And it’s true whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been doing it for years. Here are 5 common mistakes that you as a filmmaker can avoid.

(1) Waiting to get lucky.
If you’re sitting around waiting to be discovered you’re wasting your time. Keep working. Luck comes to those who work for it. You have to always look for new ways to attract attention and get new clients, or you can just sit around and stare at your phone, hoping it will ring on its own.

(2) Not focusing on the story.
A strong story is everything. Don’t waste your time working on a project that doesn’t focus on the storytelling. Remember, a good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sometimes it;s helpful to think up how your story will end first, then it makes it easier to figure out how to get there.

(3) Failing to do research.
If you’re writing about something you don’t know anything about, do your research. There are more resources than ever, so take advantage of them. Study your subject well and try to second guess your sources then read them to be sure you really know what they are trying to communicate. A well informed film maker will make well informed picture choices when he understands the subject of his story.

(4) Settling.
Be a perfectionist. Don’t just settle for simple errors like poor focus or noisy audio. Those things will mar your project and show people that you are an amateur. Take the time to make work you’re proud of. Always always always fix everything on set, and dont try to “fix it in post”, because you can’t, you won’t, and miracles don’t happen because you want them to.

(5) Getting stuck in the filmmaking box.
You don’t have to make the same decisions or take the same route that other filmmakers have. Find out what works for you and then go full steam ahead into it.

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