• Prelude

    Edward Holub worked for many years as an advertising and editorial photographer in New York City. He worked with major agencies including Y&R, O&M, Saattchi, Cliff Freeman, Wunderman, and many more for major brands from AT&T, Lexmark, Puma, Citibank, Jim Beam Brands, to name a few. He spanned the globe capturing images for Getty and eventually moved to New Orleans.

  • Act I, Scene I
    Act I, Scene I

    A man with an eye for beauty and a steady hand decides to make a home for himself in a new place, a mysterious place, a place called New Orleans. The man’s name was Ed Holub and his dream was a big one. He would start a video production company and bring his ideas to life on the screen. And, he would gather together a group of creative geniuses and call them New Orleans Video Productions.

  • Act II, Scene I
    Act II, Scene I

    As the new business began, the hard work of turning a dream into a working, well-oiled machine got underway in earnest. It was at this time that Ed made the decision to expand the services offered to include a much broader range of clients – from live events to music videos. These new services demanded new skills and equipment, so New Orleans Video Productions expanded to ensure continued delivery of the fantastic work we’d become known for.

  • Act III, Scene II
    Act III, Scene II

    After the ravages of Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, Ed decided to devote a greater percentage of our time as a company to delivering the stories and shots the world needed to see. That led to a great deal of documentary film making and contributing to the work of others trying to broaden society’s understanding of the harm being caused just out of sight all across the country by greed, apathy, and neglect. We’re extremely proud of this work.

  • Intermission

    Ed took a little time off to travel the world again.  Jeez, he keeps doing that! Lofts in L.A., San Fransisco, Vienna, and back to New Orleans again, wow.  And hey, thank you again for attending this showing and have a great time!

  • Act IV, Scene III
    Act IV, Scene III

    During 2012, Ed directed the team to begin a community outreach program geared toward identifying small businesses that would benefit from using video in their marketing efforts. We met and worked with a great many wonderful small New Orleans businesses and have continued this effort right through to the present day. After all, why stop working with such incredible people? We mean it when we say no job’s too big or too small.

  • Act V, Scene II
    Act V, Scene II

    As the business grew into a force in the area, Ed’s ambition grew with it and he decided to continue expanding the services offered at New Orleans Video Productions to include everything from creative development to post- production for any client and any project. His new motto became, “If we can do it, we will do it” and that’s been our mantra ever since. It’s never once led us, or any of our many clients, astray.

  • Act VI, Scene III
    Act VI, Scene III

    As our story approaches the present day, our business had become very close to the idea that Ed had dreamed up so many years ago, but the world had changed a great deal in all that time – especially with the rise of the web. So, before our story could be complete we had to add webcasting to our long list of services. After all, there’s an incredibly wide audience out there in need of great content and New Orleans Video Productions is ready to deliver it.

Present Day

Today, almost 15 years removed from the day Ed Holub embarked on his journey, New Orleans Video Productions is the highest-rated video production company in all of New Orleans with a thriving crew and a portfolio any company would be proud to call their own.

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