How To Write A Script: 5 Basic How-to’s
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How To Write A Script: 5 Basic How-to’s

How To Write A Script.  (  The most important element of any script is to have original well thought out characters who have a three dimensional life. The dimensions are Physical, Psychological, and Sociological. Big words, but they mean, your character has to have a specific real quality, unique mental viewpoints and problems, and they have to have come from a society, a specific place. Here are 5 Tips For Writing Better Characters. When you’re writing a screenplay, all of the elements need to come together in harmony. The one thing that can easily make or break a screenplay is your characters.

1. Make your protagonist likable right away. If you want your audience to root for your main character, you need to give them a reason to like them early on. This is gravely important because without someone to root for, your story has nothing going for it. Don’t overdue it though. Give him some problems to face internally as well as externally, so the audience can identify with him on many levels.

2. Be realistic and detailed. The details surrounding your character should all reflect who they are in a realistic way, from the car they drive to how they drink their coffee.

3. Allow your story to unfold naturally, and make sure you know how your story will end. Once you know where you are going with your story it will be easier to get there in your plots. You should go into the writing process with a complete story outline, but allow yourself some breathing room to let the character drive the story.

4. Gift your character with compelling dialogue. Every character in your screenplay should have compelling and interesting dialogue. Dialogue can tell us who a character is, where they’re from, how educated they are, and more.

5. Think like an actor. Actors talk about needing a point of view, so give that to them through their character. If you’re looking for a hard-working team of professionals to help you with your next video project, visit our website to see our work and request a quote: GET A QUOTE!

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