Labyrinth of Evil
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Labyrinth of Evil: $200K local film production about a Cajun fisherman covering up a racially motivated killing while on the hunt for Lafitte’s gold.

Script Excerpts:

“He knows this isn’t  just any old accident. This guy’s too smart for his own good. I tried to tell him about prying into the lives of the locals around here. How could be so…  How could somebody be, how could someone be so sloppy?  You know if that Body hadn’t floated up I never would’ve reported it. I mean what are the odds of this happening on my property? Obviously not very good, right?  The worst mistake this guy could’ve made is by turning me into a suspect. Now I guess something has to be done about this.

DETECTIVE: “The coroner said that he had bleach and traces a diesel is gut.”
FALGOUT: “When we don’t catch a lot, we drink a lot.

DETECTIVE: “So what you’re telling me is somebody could’ve killed the guy and dropped the body here? Someone like a fisher captain?

FALGOUT: “Let me tell you something. My family’s been fishing back here ever since the Pirates were running around here, and you don’t want to be messing around with the people from around here.”

‘Falgaout, Why is it that you’re back at the dock and then out here again on the day of the accident?  And what were you doing back out here after you checked in?.

“You know what, we’re done here!”

This is only the opening foray. But the detective doesn’t have enough proof to hold him. He only hoped Falgout would try something stupid like try to kill him. He may be a killer, but stupid he is surely not.

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