Sing Pledge and Pray
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Sing Pledge and Pray: Working with Steven Scaffidi, we covered the first annual “Light Up The Hills” Christian biker rally held at the world famous Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, South Dakota. The movie reveals more than you’d think.

Written, Produced and Directed by Steven Scaffidi
Executive Producers:  Billy Rivers, Quentin Hix and Ana Scaffidi
Cinematographer and Editor:  Edward Holub
​Music:  The Eli Seals Band, Bearing Armor and Christine Black Vincent
The Story
Bikers from Across America Journey to the Legendary Buffalo Chip
in Search of God, Country and Truth
In the summer of 2017, bikers from across America journeyed to the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, South Dakota in search of God, Country and Truth. But these bikers are not what you would expect, as they travel through the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota to the first Light Up the Hills Rally. Here, at the most iconic location for bikers on the planet, these Christian men and women gathered to share their stories and experiences of how they have changed their lives, and have chosen to follow God.
Many of the bikers who made this unique journey are serious riders, proud to wear the patch on the back of their leather vest. Others are weekend warriors who ride just for fun. And a rare few have lived the life of outlaw bikers, known as “one percenters”. No matter where they came from, every one of these bikers have one thing in common, a love for Jesus Christ and a mission to share the Gospel with anyone who will listen.
The “Chip” and Sturgis are ground zero for the largest biker rally in the world, drawing nearly a million riders every summer. Most come to party…however, this group of riders have a higher purpose in mind and they hope to change the perception of bikers with their faith in God and the rally cry, “I WILL SING, PLEDGE AND PRAY”. 
The Film
“SING PLEDGE & PRAY” is an uplifting story that takes you behind the scenes at the most iconic biker’s hangout on the planet to reveal a side of these men and women in leather that you haven’t seen before.  Producers are now setting up screenings in movie theaters and other venues across the country and you can be part of a unique movie event.  Opportunities are available to groups and individuals who are interested in hosting screening events in cities across America for little or no out of pocket costs at all.  These special events can be great for fundraisers, exciting community events and entertaining group gatherings.  If you are interested in hosting or attending a “Sing Pledge & Pray” screening event please check out our SCREENING EVENTS PAGE.​​

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