Video Editing: 5 Things New Video Editors Need to Know
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Video Editing: 5 Things New Video Editors Need to Know
If you’re new to Video Editing, there are certain things that probably worry you every single day. While you shouldn’t ignore those concerns, you also shouldn’t let them get in your way.

Here are 5 common concerns and what to do about them. (

1. Knowing what to cut.
It takes practice to know exactly what you should leave and what you should cut, but start my trusting your gut instinct. If you think something is interesting or important leave it in. If you think something is boring, get rid of it! And if you cut something out, watch the clip and if you can watch it without that cut, keep it out.

2. Getting feedback.
Receiving feedback can be daunting, but feedback and revisions are an important tool to utilize. The better you are at receiving feedback and growing from it, the further you’ll get in your career. I always ask friends and the public to give us feedback. We even do pre-release screenings and hand out forms and do discussions to make sure our audiences get what we tried to show them and we make all the changes we can so they enjoy our films better.

3. Knowing your worth.
If you’re a new editor, the value of taking a job is having the work to show and in making connections. That being said, you still need to make a living, so you should be earning money for your work. The more work you get under your belt, the higher your rates will be.

4. Knowing if you’re a good editor.
You may be constantly worrying about whether you’re a good editor or not. Instead try asking yourself questions like, am I growing as an editor?, am I investing in my craft?, etc.

5. Not having all the answers.
When you don’t know how to do something, find out. The important thing isn’t to start out with all of the answers, the important thing is to have the drive to discover them.

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