Mike Hogan
Mike is an up and coming production pro who specializes in grip/elec but also is quite proficient on camera and utility. He rigs on major Hollywood shows and runs set operations for commercials.
Michelle Kowalski
A hometown favorite developing into a seasoned pro, Michelle brings her years of experience and university media training to fruition on every assignment she touches. Either as a cam op, DP, director, or any team member, Michelle is always eager to express her creative solutions.
Mickey Gaidos
Mickey is one of the top cinematographers (and BMX enthusiasts) with great range currently working in the New Orleans area. His experience working on corporate events and videos make him uniquely qualified to handle any assignment we give him.
Don Lagarde
Don has worked as a broadcast video journalist for the last twenty years. from Swamp People to NFL films, Don brings a professionalism, reliability to his camera work that benefits all of our clients.
Grant Ingram
Grant is an awesome cameraman. He usually shoots Essence-fest and many other concerts as the star on stage shooter. We love having him on multi-cam shoots because his experience with a variety of pro cams, setups, and general media savvy have brought his skills to the forefront on the many...
Jalea Jackson
Jalae is a young firebrand who knows her way around a camera, takes direction well, and has participated in many of our shows.
E.N.G. Crews
From a one-man camera shoot to a crews in the hundreds, we’ve done it all before so we can ensure that your project stays on track, on budget, and goes out on time.
George Ingmire
George is a great field recordist/mixer with years of experience, and he also is a DJ at WWOZ which gives him a deeper understanding of how recording sound effects the emotional response to the words being recorded.
Eric Laws
Eric is a skilled pianist and composer who understands the nuances and unique challenges of recording sound. His credits as an audio engineer/field mixer span features, commercials, ENG, and most live recording environments.
Edward Holub
Edward Holub has shot and directed several feature and documentary films. Night Runs Red reached national video distribution and Unknown Man saw major festival exposure. His documentary film work includes Spike Lee's "When the Levees Broke" for HBO, and "New Orleans: City on the Edge" for Discovery TV. Ed is...
Brian Pitt
As our go-to bonded line producer, Brian Pitt manages and implements all aspects of budgeting and scheduling, tax incentive management & monetizing, as well as oversees the day-to-day elements of each phase of production on a film. From approving potential hires and negotiating union contracts, to acting as the liaison...
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