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New Orleans Video Productions – Webcasting Services

Years ago, filming an event and broadcasting it out to millions of viewers was something only the biggest corporate concerns could afford. It was simply too expensive for the majority of businesses to take advantage of. After all, their budgets were already spent on TV and print ads, so paying huge amounts for the rights to broadcast their company award banquet wouldn’t seem logical. And, before the internet the only available outlets for that kind of viewing were all broadcast with costs far beyond what could be justified as a team-building exercise. Now, however, everything has changed with the rise of webcasting.

New Orleans Video Productions works with the finest streaming technicians and camera operators on the planet to ensure you always have the highest-quality stream that never dips out in the middle of your event. Our past experience includes livestreams for world-renowned bands like Heart to any act you might catch at Tipitina’s down in New Orleans. We also specialize in sporting events ranging from boxing matches to arm wrestling championships, political debates to corporate streaming from the Convention Center during annual expos – literally anything you want to send out via the worldwide web is right up our alley. It really is as simple as a phone call to (504) 338-4567 or taking a moment to fill out our Contact form here.

A webcast with New Orleans Video Productions can help your business in so many ways. It can increase your following, promote your business or event, and maybe even sell tickets to your shows! Our webcasts capture the feeling of actually being there and do a fantastic job of conveying the special nature of your event. There are even more advantages:

  • Much less expensive than satellite broadcasting.
  • Excellent way to reach a large number participants gathered in multiple locations.
  • Transmitted in real-time to every possible device with an internet connection – mobile, tablets, laptops, and PCs.
  • Perfect for one-way communication of keynote speeches, general sessions of boards or governing bodies, panel discussions, and more!
  • Can be recorded for on-demand access by groups or individuals.

Our Services

New Orleans Video Productions is the preferred choice for video production in the New Orleans area and offers a range of services designed to deliver the highest quality video in a variety of genres to customers throughout the region. We take your vision and bring it to life – no matter the issues you’re facing. Here are a few of our other services:

Our Proven Process

As the premier provider of webcasting services throughout the New Orleans metro area, we feel infinitely qualified to help you turn your next event into a worldwide broadcast using our webcasting service. It’s the best way to expand your audience and introduce your brand to more and more people. Businesses can also sponsor webcasts and get their brand seen by even greater audiences by having their participation seen by all those watching and even those who watch later – not to mention all the people in attendance. Think about how many great events take place in New Orleans every single day and imagine your brand could have been a part of those experiences for far less than you might believe. If you’re interested in a webcast, the following are a few steps to keep in mind:

  • You’ll need a contract with trusted audio/visual professionals who provide all the technical considerations. That’s New Orleans Video Productions.
  • You’ll need to consult with us early in your planning process before site selection for production is finalized. We may have valuable insight.
  • You’ll need to develop your own detailed checklist and work closely with your social media marketers to coordinate the widest audience for your show and link all the video content created at the event for future use. This is added value you can’t miss out on.


This is the planning phase where all of the minutiae must be addressed and detailed checklists created to ensure maximum value is gained from the overall effort. These checklists, and the discussions we’ll have about site location, will be the roadmap that guides everything else we do from this point, so they need to be robust and flexible to guarantee the work is done without issue or incident. We’ll also define the technical aspects of the assignment including equipment and technicians necessary for successful completion.

This phase also provides all the opportunity we’ll need to better understand your specific vision for the webcast and any additional material you feel would inform our technical decisions. We’ll be able to discuss the site in detail and finalize any requirements for your special event. In short, we’ll not leave a stone unturned in our discovery phase. After all, the more we know before the big event, the better we can adapt to any changes that come our way.


Webcasting is accomplished by sending video signals to a computer through an everyday internet cable which may, or may not, be augmented with a satellite encoder to boost bandwidth. The rest gets a bit technical, but there’s nothing more to it than making sure the people in charge of the production know what they’re doing, and the team from New Orleans Video Productions definitely knows what we’re doing. We handle so many of these events that we can handle any challenge that comes our way and know the tricks of the trade which ensure your event goes off without a hitch – including dedicated servers.

It’s taken a good deal of time and training – not to mention onsite experience – to master the art of webcasting and we’re proud of our status as New Orleans top-rated video production company. That means you can depend on us to handle the production phase of your project and focus your attention on enjoying your event’s success. Let us do the heavy-lifting and you can do what you do best – be the life of your event!


The checklists which were created during the pre-production phase of your webcasting project can now serve to help you navigate the next phase of your project. Now’s the time for you to use the webcast to full advantage, so bringing your social media managers to the table is a definite must. They can disseminate the production out to your important social channels and capture even more audience for your event. This type of content creation is a specialty of New Orleans Video Productions and we know how much value it has for our clients.

If someone said social media was invented for just this type of content creation, we wouldn’t argue with them. In fact, it’s such a good venue for the material that we recommend repurposing it over time to get the maximum possible value. And, it can be used in a million different marketing ways moving forward. After all, video assets are gold in today’s digital landscape, so having a good deal of it will only prove fortuitous down the road.

Webcasting Services

Whether you’re a corporate concern with a need for webcasting a training seminar, a band trying to get their music heard by as many people as possible, or an institution looking to broadcast it’s activities for the benefit of the public, New Orleans Video Productions is the perfect partner to entrust with all of your webcasting needs. There’s no job too big or too small for our teams and we never deliver anything less than our very best. That’s a bold statement since our team is made up of the best and brightest in the business, but we stand behind it 100%.

When you need webcasting expertise, there’s only one call to make for the finest service in the region – New Orleans Video Productions (504) 338-4567. With just one call we’re sure we can convince you we’re the right team to trust and bring everything you could ever want in a production company to your next event. That’s what you need when you’re looking for webcasting and it’s what you get from us at every turn, so save yourself the headaches of working with second best by getting in touch with New Orleans Video Productions today!

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