New Orleans
New Orleans Video Productions was born from Ed Holub’s passion for capturing moments in time while chronicling the life he saw around him every day. That burning interest grew until his talent and technical ability were equals and he knew he was ready for any challenge the world could throw at him. That’s when the creativity was funneled into the formation of New Orleans Video Productions and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • 1994

    Every great story starts somewhere. New Orleans Video Productions story starts here, in 1994 with Ed Holub making some serious choices about his future in the industry and the kind of work he wanted to be doing. These thoughts would grow in importance and frequency over the next several years and lead to the fateful day when he made the decision to go to New Orleans to see his vision become reality. On that day, the company you depend on for the perfect shot was born.

  • 1997

    Our founder comes into his own with the release of “Night Runs Red” which was written, directed, and shot on 16mm by Ed Holub and the New Orleans Video Productions crew. Since then, our methods may have changed, but our passion for making films has never wavered.

  • 2003

    This was the year that Ed’s short film “Unknown Man” saw a great deal of major festival exposure. We were excited and grateful that his work was so well-received by audiences and critics alike. It was a big year for our development and we still learn from the lessons that experience taught us.

  • 2006

    Our adventures into documentary film making began in earnest with our work on the Spike Lee documentary “When the Levees Broke” for HBO. This experience began a real passion for using our talents to promote change in the world and fight the battles which cameras were made for.

  • 2010

    Feeling inspired by our work with documentary film, we chose to make a short film about the dark and sometimes troubling world of adult entertainment – specifically the psychological pain so often overlooked in a population many wish didn’t exist. “Where Strippers Go To Die” was our vision of this forgotten world.

  • 2015

    This was the year when the the web first knocked on our door for our first webcasting engagement and the event was a smashing success. This led us to devote a significant amount of time over the next few years perfecting our approach to capturing these events for the best possible viewer experience. And, it’s been one of the best choices we’ve ever made.

  • 2016

    “Company Town” represents some of the most important work we’ve ever done at New Orleans Video Productions. It tells the story of a small town being poisoned by a factory owned by two of the richest men in the nation and the town’s fight to win back their lives from these greedy polluters from far away. The reception by audiences nationwide was reward enough for us.

Our Vision

Just as with most video production companies, we began as the dream of a single individual, Ed Holub, who had already spent years working inside the industry and felt that his talents would be better served by chasing his own vision rather than pursuing someone else’s. Again, very much the same origin story you’d find behind most production companies without the flash and sizzle many would expect from a “Hollywood” industry. But, while movies may be made in Hollywood, dreams are made everywhere and they don’t always come with special effects. Those are added later.

When Ed’s idea began to take shape, he needed a base of operations that had the population he was looking for, a uniqueness that he could communicate through his projects, and a proximity to both the modern and natural worlds for opening up new avenues of filmmaking not available in New York or LA. That search, and his own experiences as a visitor, led him directly to New Orleans in 2004. That marks the beginning of what can only be described as a fantastic voyage to this point and one we hope you’ll take part in whenever you have a video production need – no matter the circumstances involved.


From poignant documentaries that challenge our thinking

to ads that resonate far longer than purchase

New Orleans Video Productions makes it happen.

Commercial Services
Taking your brand’s vision and delivering footage which brings it to life.
Cinematic Production
Founded by a filmmaker, we have the expertise to deliver the shot you need.
Documentary Services
Chronicling life to bring about real change in the world is what we do.
Live Event Services
Showcasing your live event for broadcast or just to capture the vibe.
TV Show Services
Getting the shots you need for your TV Show to get off the ground.
Music Video Services
Putting musicians and their music on display is one of our passions.
We handle all the detailed minutiae that deliver seamless productions and put you back in charge of your production.
We use only the finest equipment to capture your all-important project and won’t rest until every last shot is captured.
We have the tools and the talent to produce the most amazing results for every client, every project, every time.
Mary Bowling

Ed and his crew filmed a couple of conferences for our business, LocalU Marketing. We got a great product quickly and at a reasonable price without any hassles. Thanks, Ed!

Jazz Club

Ed and his entire team went WAY out of the way to capture an entire festival’s worth of live musical performances with multiple cameras at a New Orleans club during Jazzfest 2016, and did so in a focused and professional manner. Ed even came back on his own to shoot a quick promo for the entire run of shows, and I have to say that I was really pleased with the entire experience. I can recommend Ed and his team without hesitation.

Aaron D.

Great job Ed and the team. Your work changed a lot of lives at PosiGen.

Susan Nash

Ed Holub has an extraordinary visual sensibility. His images capture both the object and the story. In the tradition of trained professional auteur cameramen-editor-director….Ed is inspired! Authentic and real! I am proud of the work he has created. I met Ed right after Katrina. His pro bono contribution was amazing!

Al M.

Working with Holub Digital Film Productions was a great experience. He uses top of the line equipment & gets the job done in a timely & cost efficient manner. It was a pleasure working with a professional company like this in the New Orleans area.

Deanna M.

I’ve worked with Ed myself on a shoot, he was very professional, showed up on time, helped capture each scene in a high quality fashion and was very easy to work with. He’s a professional with pro gear and takes each production seriously.

Ed Holub
Ed’s directorial debut came way back in 1997 with “Night Runs Red” and has continued through a range of cinematic productions, documentaries, and short films.
The Early Days
Learn a bit more about the rise of New Orleans Video Productions from a dream in the mind of our founder to the company we are today.