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New Orleans Video Productions – Commercial Services

The world of commercial video production encompasses a large percentage of the videos we watch every day across devices and channels. It’s the Super Bowl TV spot and the ads you watch before your favorite YouTube video plays. It’s the video you watch on your favorite shoe company’s website to see the newest model and the short video you watched to learn how to operate the new vacuum you just bought. In fact, commercial today means far more than it ever did and that definition is growing year after year.

New Orleans Video Productions specializes in commercial shoot of all kinds and takes great pride in the work we deliver – not to mention the reviews we receive for that work. All we need is time enough to learn about you and your purpose for shooting the video project and we’ll deliver something fresh, exciting, and impactful you can use to promote, inspire, and engage. It really is as simple as a phone call to (504) 338-4567 or taking a moment to fill out our Contact form here.

By agreeing to work with New Orleans Video Productions you’re guaranteeing your project gets the attention and professionalism it deserves as well as the artistry and skill of every single crew member we provide. Those come with every job we do – no matter the scale or budget. After all, video production is our passion and your next commercial project is the perfect opportunity for our team to prove it to you. We can tackle any challenge including:

  • TV Commercials
  • Web Commercials
  • Website Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Teaser Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Video Billboards

Our Services

New Orleans Video Productions is the preferred choice for video production in the New Orleans area and offers a range of services designed to deliver the highest quality video in a variety of genres to customers throughout the region. We take your vision and bring it to life – no matter the issues you’re facing. Here are a few of our other services:

Our Proven Process

At New Orleans Video Productions, we follow our own proven process whenever we tackle a project to be sure that we have all we need to do the job and to do it better than anyone else could. We bring an expansive imagination and a profound business insight to every project and use our technical expertise to bring your vision to life in effective, persuasive videos covering any topic you can dream up. Let’s look at our process and see how your commercial project will unfold.


Pre-production for any commercial project is vital to the finished product’s success. There’s no better way to get what we’ll need to turn your vision into a reality than to discuss it directly with you. After all, it’s your video project and your ideas that matter. So, we’ll use this phase as discovery to learn all about you, your story, your products or services, your brand, and, most importantly, the message you want to convey in your finished video.

This is also the phase where our own research will kick into high gear and we’ll begin to refine our findings and your own thoughts into a cohesive plan which we’ll use throughout the project. This is the moment when your dream really does take shape before your eyes. Our detailed planning ensures you know what you’re going to get long before the shoot takes place. That’s huge for your ability to coordinate your messaging across platforms and channels and gear up for the big day. You’ll already know it’s going to be fantastic, so you can relax and enjoy the creative experience while we do the heavy technical lifting. What could be better?


Finally, the research is over with and the planning is all in place. The day of your shoot has arrived and you can see firsthand just how important all that time and energy spent in planning really was. It makes the whole process of production, where the unknown always plays a factor, flow much more smoothly from one shot to another – never losing time to indecision or mix-ups. That’s what you can expect from a commercial video production with New Orleans Video Productions at the helm – easy, effective, and efficient craftsmanship.

Our team consists of the best and brightest in the industry and each brings something unique and valuable to every project we work on. They’re what differentiates what we do from all the rest and in this business that’s what matters most – standing out from the crowd. While our work does that on its own, we foster a kind of artistic expression that your project will surely benefit from, so when you need commercial video production anywhere near New Orleans, there’s only one choice for value, for quality, for spectacular – New Orleans Video Productions.


Once the plan has been put through its paces and the shots have all been successfully captured on video, it’s time for our team of highly-skilled experts to dive into post-production on your commercial video project. We have the tools, the talent, and the technique to masterfully apply whatever touches are required to fine-tune your video until it sings the song you want to hear. From color correction to editing for tone or impact, we’ll get it exactly right before we’re through and you can be certain that the video you receive will be your vision brought to life.

Everything in post-production still relies heavily on our original planning, so our team will strictly adhere to that vision throughout. It’s all about using the shots to tell the story you wanted to tell and doing it with the tone and style you felt would best serve your purposes. That’s what video production is all about when done right. It’s capturing your story in a way that shines a light on your brand, your products, your people, or anything else you think your audience needs to hear. New Orleans Video Productions can tell that story for you.

Commercial Video Production

At New Orleans Video Productions, we bring more than energy to work with us each day – we bring passion. That passion for filmmaking and video production influences everything we do and who we are as people. It gives us a sense of joy from shooting a commercial project many wouldn’t connect with physical work, but that’s how we feel each and every project we work – no matter the issues or conditions. We’ll face whatever we have to in order to deliver the highest quality videos to each and every client we work with. Our standards accept no less and we’re not about to change now – especially as the highest-rated video production company in New Orleans.

When you work with us, when you entrust your commercial project to our crew, you’re making the best decision possible for your business, your audience, and your brand. You can rest easy knowing the absolute best people are using the industry’s best equipment to provide you with something remarkable which you can use to empower your brand, your marketing, and your story going forward. What could be better than that? Well, our pricing comes close, so make the call to (504) 338-4567 today to learn more about our commercial video productions.

New Orleans Video Productions

Phone: (504) 338-4567
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Hours of Operation: We never stop working.
New Orleans, Louisiana

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