Nike Sizzle Reel Los Angeles
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(Nike Sizzle Reel Los Angeles)

We really love the energy and pace we put into this one.

We really love the energy and pace we put into this one. After a whole week of filming different events for Nike’s health awareness week in L.A. we produced a Nike Sizzle Reel Los Angeles that encapsulated the daily events.


Nike Training Club comes to life with energizing events around the world.

Nike Training Club has no borders. Its members train in all corners of the globe. Beginning in late January, NTC will come to life in more than 20 cities through a pair of new events, bringing together thousands of female athletes to ignite a year of fitness.

NTC Week aims to energize athletes with a series of two-a-day workouts in cities spanning from San Francisco to Tokyo. Athletes will jumpstart their days with NTC workouts in the morning and unwind in the evening with another session in the gym. NTC Week begins Jan. 20 in some cities, with other cities joining the action throughout the month of February.

The momentum from NTC Week will build towards NTC Tour, a trio of one-day training challenges in Stockholm, Shanghai and Los Angeles. A schedule full of NTC classes, ranging from studio to high intensity, will be led by some of the world’s preeminent trainers, including NTC Master Trainers Marie Purvis and Traci Copeland. During rare moments of rest, women will have access to premium Nike services and products. A celebratory music performance serves as the payoff for a day rich in achievement.

NTC Tour Stockholm is slated for Jan. 31. NTC Tour Shanghai will follow March 8 and NTC Tour Los Angeles will close the series March 15. For more information, visit


Nike Training Club is a global fitness community of girls driven by self-expression in movement and training. It embodies Nike’s commitment to inspire and enable female athletes through its products, services and experiences.

The N+TC App is the digital heartbeat of the club, uniting its members no matter where they train. The full-body training app caters to every level of fitness. Athletes can choose four-week programs or one-off workouts in order to chase their goals of getting lean, toned or strong.

The N+TC App features more than 100 workouts and is free to download on iOS and Android in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Italian-language versions. For more information, visit